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of data-centric applications


What is Entity Services?

A set of tools and services for automating the development of data-centric solutions.

Generate fully functional .NET code and have it running in the cloud within minutes.


Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.

- Winston Churchill

What do you get?

A Comprehensive Application Builder

Functional source code
Entity Services generates fully functional source code, based on data models definition and selected components.
Customizable source code
Generated source code can be easily customized to extend the solution with project specifics.
CI/CD pipeline creation
Automatically created CI/CD pipeline ensures the automated deployment of the generated solution.
Web API Service
Created solution is a service that collects, stores, and shares data.

Data Agent Platform

es illustration
Simplified data import and export
Ready-to-use agents seamlessly integrate with the generated solution and extend its data import and export functionality.
Pluggable design
The agent's operation is adaptable to project specific requirements and technologies thanks to the pluggable design.
Management Portal
Entity Services tracks in real-time the agent status, versions, and more. It allows direct control of the agent's operations.
The built solution provides
Accurate data
  • Validate data before storing it in the database
Secure data
  • Implement custom access logic based on the user or system that is accessing data records
Fast access time
  • Use local or distributed cache
Scalable and highly available service
  • Ready for deployment on multiple servers or Kubernetes cluster as well as on premise or in the cloud
Integration with other systems
  • Subscribe to data changes
  • Use auto generated clients to access data using different programming languages
Data import from other systems
  • One off or periodically import data from other systems or clients
DevOps best practices
  • Use generated CI/CD pipeline for automatic creation of resources and deployment of the solution
Entity Services Workflow
es workflow es workflow es workflow

Solution Deployment Options

Deployment of a generated solution is easy, with a vast number of options
  • Entity Services generates a source code solution based on the latest .NET framework that can run on Linux and Windows servers
  • Can be deployed to any cloud or on-premise
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Entity Services is technology agnostic and can be easily extended.
    Out of the box Entity Services supports most databases, operating systems, web servers, and caching servers on the market today.
  • Flexible hosting system requirements
  • The scalability of our system enables for optimization of hosting systems, depending on the number of users, and availability requirements.
What you can do with Entity Services?
Build any solution that requires data handling

Import data extracts

Create custom MDM solution

Implement Open Banking API

Expose business data


Why Entity Services?

Exceptional ROI

  • Predictable outcomes for your data-centric project
  • Standardized source code across the organization
  • Reusable, lowers maintenance cost
  • Up-to-date with modern technologies
  • Reduced time to market