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Deliver your
projects faster

with // entity services


What is Entity Services?

A set of tools and services for automating the development of data-centric solutions
and accelerating digital transformation.

Generate fully functional .NET code and have it running in the cloud within minutes.


Get case study

Discover //entity services solution in real life case study example.

Learn how our innovative solution helped a well-known name in the banking and financial industry.


Speed up project delivery

//entity services creates fully functional source code within minutes.
  • Develop and deploy enterprise software significantly faster
  • Deliver more projects
  • Reduce time to market

Boost profitability

With the use of //entity services, delivering projects will require considerably fewer resources.
  • //entity services will truly make a significant difference between you and your competitors
  • Build more with smaller team
  • More money for Xmas party

Easier project management

By generating reliable and tested code using //entity services, you will reduce risk and eliminate unknowns of the project delivery.
  • Make project delivery highly predictable
  • Deliver projects on-time

Accelerate innovation

//entity services completely removes the need for writing repeatable boilerplate code and allows you to immediately start delivering business value.
  • Hit the ground running
  • Focus your time and expertise on work that matters
  • Iterate fast

Drive digital transformation

Most companies still need to start their digital journey, and //entity services is a perfect Hobbit for it.
  • Ideal for projects with complex business logic, complex processes, or complex problem-solving requirements
  • Use //entity services for in-house or outsourced development to ensure the highest level of the code

…while keeping your developers happy

The code generated by //entity services will use the latest technology and follow software development best practices.
  • Developers can focus their time and expertise on work that matters
  • Improve the retention of developers
  • Simplify onboarding of new talent
  • Let them use the tech stack they know and love